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Cells and Miscellaneous

compiled by Jerry Crabtree MT(ASCP)SH
Uric acid crystalSynovial FluidPolarized
LymphocytePeritoneal fluidWright stain
Mesothelial CellPeritoneal fluidWright stain
LE cell Synovial FluidWright stain
Blast cellsCSFWright stain
Histocyte Peritoneal fluidWright stain
Blast CellsCSFWright stain
Segmented Neutrophil CSFWright stain
Malignant Cells PleuralWright stain
Bacteria- cocci CSFWright stain
Malignant Cell CSFWright stain
Malignant CellCSFWright stain
Histiocyte CSFWright stain
Erythrocyte laden macrophage CSFWright stain
Lymphocyte CSFWright stain
BlastsCSFWright stain
Blasts CSFWright stain
Reactive mesothelial Pleural fluidWright stain
Synovial Lining Cell Synovial fluidWright stain
Uric acid crystal in neutrophil Synovial fluidWright stain
Hemosiderin laden macrophage CSFWright stain
Myeloblast CSFWright stain
Calcium bilirubinate Duodenal AspirateUnstained
Eosinophil Peritoneal fluidWright stain
Yeast Peritoneal fluidWright stain
Mesothelial cellPericardial fluidWright stain
Malignant cell Pleural fluidWright stain
Uric acid crystals SynovialWright stain
MonocyteCSFWright stain
Lymphoma cell CSFWright stain
Mesothelial cell Pleural fluidWright stain
Malignant cell Pleural fluidWright stain
Hemosiderin laden macrophages CSFWright stain
Malignant cells CSFWright stain
Megakarocyte CSFWright stain
WBC's with bacterial inclusions Peritoneal FluidWright stain
PromyelocyteCSFWright stain
Calcium PyrophosphateSynovial fluidWright stain
Lipid Laden MacrophagePleural FluidWright stain
Malignant CellPeritoneal fluidWright stain
Calcium PyrophosphateSynovial fluidUnstained
Filimentous bacteriaSynovialGram's stain
LE CellPleural FluidWright stain
Malignant cellPleural FluidWright stain
Mesothelial cellsPleural FluidWright stain
Degenerating neutrophil with pyknotic nucleusPeritoneal fluidWright stain
Plasma cellPleural fluidWright stain
MyeloblastCSFWright stain
Cartilage cellSynovialWright stain
Degenerating cell, NOSPeritoneal fluidWright stain
Lipid Laden MacrophageCSFWright stain
LymphocyteCSFWright stain
MonocyteCSFWright stain
Mesothelial cellPleural fluidWright stain
Plasma cellPleural fluidWright stain
Uric acid crystalsSynovialPolarized
Uric acid crystalsSynovialPolarized
Malignant cellPeritoneal fluidWright stain
Mesothelial cellPleural fluidWright stain
Erythrocyte Laden MacrophageCSFWright stain
Neutrophil with bacterial inclusionsPericardial fluidWright stain
MonocytePleural fluidWright stain
Ventricular lining cellCSFWright stain
Malignant CellCSFWright stain
Parasite- Protoscolix of EchinococcusCyst fluidWright stain
Malignant cell CSFWright stain
Blast cell CSFWright stain
Macrophage CSFWright stain
Cryptococcus India Ink- In CSFWright stain
Cholesterol crystals Pleural fluidWright stain
Eosinophil Nasal smearWright stain
Macrophage Peritoneal fluidWright stain
Neutrophil laden macrophage Pleural fluidWright stain
Erythrocyte laden macrophagePleural FluidWright stain
Segmented neutrophil Pleural FluidWright stain
Mast cell Peritoneal fluidWright stain
NeutrophilPleural fluidWright stain
Malignant cell Pleural fluidWright stain
Calcium pyrophosphateSynovialUnstained
Monosodium urate crystal SynovialUnstained
Malignant cellPleural fluidWright stain
Mesothelial cellPleuralWright stain
Myeloblast/Promyelocyte CSFWright stain
Plasma cellCSFWright stain
Nucleated RBC CSFWright stain
Mesothelial cell Pleural fluidWright stain
LymphocytePleural fluidWright stain
Segmented neutrophilPleural fluidWright stain
EosinophilCSFWright stain
BasophilCSFWright stain
LymphocyteCSFWright stain
Yeast/fungiPeritoneal fluidWright stain
Plasma cellPleural fluidWright stain
Erythrocyte laden macrophageCSFWright stain
Intracellular hematin crystalCSFWright stain
HemosiderophageCSFWright stain
/Prussian blue
Lymphocyte (cytospin)CSFWright stain
EosinophilCSFWright stain
Segmented neutrophilCSFWright stain
LymphocyteCSFWright stain
ErythrocyteCSFWright stain
Ventricular lining cells CSFWright stain